Every 14 seconds there is a ransomware attack. 

The key? Find your weak spots before an attack. 

Ensuring you have a plan for the following areas is a great place to start:

Organizational Controls: These include administrative, physical, internal and external risk areas.

Vendor Risk: More than half of all breaches occur due to third-party vendors, so it’s critical that you know who all your vendors are and the risk they pose to your organization.

Employee Risk: Assess your team's knowledge of security, identify the largest behavioral risk areas and educate your staff with training.

Your data is as important as your service or product.

Through our partnership with SecurityStudio, we offer access to a complimentary tool where you can assess your organizational security risk, your vendor risk and your employee risk. 

The result? A comprehensive measurement of your cyber risk and exposure along with a road map of the areas of your organization that may need attention.

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